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Keep Music Live

Over the last year, we have fought to save the War Horse Band, supported venues fighting for survival and lobbied for the Agent of Change principle – all under the banner ‘Keep Music Live’.

Agent of Change

This would seem to be a fair and proper arrangement and it's about time we adopted this law here. Read more from MU Assistant General Secretary Horace Trubridge at The Huffington Post.

We are lobbying for the Agent of Change Principle, which would make venues less vulnerable to complaints coming from residents of flats and houses that were built nearby after the venue was established. The law would make it the legal responsibility of the person or persons who have brought about changes that inadvertently affect an individual or an individual's business to take steps to remedy the problem.

If a venue near you is under threat due to noise complaints or development, please contact your Regional Office.

Honesty Code

We believe audiences should be informed in advance if a performance is using recorded music as a substitute for live music.

This would enable consumers to make informed decisions before parting with money and would recognise and reward those artists, producers, promoters and programme makers who continue to value and support live music.

The MU continues to lobby on this basis and we have staged protests and demonstrations where appropriate.

Campaign News

MU Success Supporting Precarious Workers at STUC 2017

STUC passes MU motion acknowledging the challenges of the gig economy, how we can better protect independent workers and grow the union movement.

Midlands TUC Cultural Manifesto

The Culture Manifesto aims to achieve a sustainable cultural economy, and provide long term work opportunities for musicians and other creative workers.

Cardiff AMs call for Agent of Change to save city centre live music

Two Cardiff AMs are calling on the Welsh Government to change planning laws in Wales to protect the future of live music venues in the centre of Cardiff.

Support live music in Wales – sign the petition calling for Agent of Change

Live music in Wales is under increasingly under threat. Add your voice to the petition calling for Agent of Change in Wales.