Music Venue Trust creates Music Venues Alliance: 'Championing the Grassroots'

The Music Venue Trust has formally announced the launch of the Music Venues Alliance, an association of venues and organisations that have united behind the work of the Trust to engage with the industry, the cultural sector and politicians, to take actions that protect, secure and improve the UK's music venue network.

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Tribute to Johnnie Gray

One of the great characters of British jazz, Johnnie Gray has passed away aged 94. Born in Coventry in 1920, he took up the tenor saxophone at school before becoming an engineering apprentice at Rolls-Royce.

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MU at Music for Youth (MFY) National Festival

The MU is once again being part of the great National Festival this year which showcases dynamic performances by young musicians from across the UK. Featuring jazz, orchestral, rock, folk and world, urban, wind and brass, pop, choral and chamber music! The Musicians’ Union is proud to be sponsoring all the music performed on Tuesday.

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Join TUC march to save the NHS, Manchester, 29 Sept

The MU are supporting the TUC march to "Save The NHS" on 29 September in Manchester. As well as marching we have decided to quite literally "bang the drum" by putting together a samba band for the event with the help of "Manchester School of Samba".

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PRSF fund for touring and co-commissions cross border

Beyond Borders - a co-commissioning and touring programme run in partnership with Creative Scotland, Arts Council of Wales, Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Colwinston Trust.

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An Audience With Malkit Singh: the audio interview

Interviewed by Sukhi Bart, presenter of the BBC Asian Network's Weekend Punjabi and Brit Asia TV, “An Audience With Malkit Singh” explores Malkit Singh’s music career in particular association to the works spanning over 30 decades.

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Tribute to Matthew O'Reilly

Tribute to Midlands banjo, bodhran and madola player who sadly passed away recently.

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Musicians' Hearing Service: special offer for MU members

Musicians Hearing Service

The Musicians’ Hearing Service (MHS) is offering a set of ERs at £138, with a free hearing test for anyone who has ERs that were purchased in 2008 or before.

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MU Launches Fair Pay Campaign

The MU is launching a campaign for fair pay for musicians which can be found at The campaign comes in response to the growing number of examples of musicians being expected to work for free whilst other workers involved in the event are being paid. Share your comments on Twitter using #WorkNotPlayMU.

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Have your say about Qualified Music Educator

Qualified Music Educator

Arts Council England and Creative & Cultural Skills are working with the music education sector to develop a new qualification for music educators working with children and young people.

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