We have endeavoured to make the content throughout the MU website clear, concise and easy to access. However, should you experience difficulties, please refer to the advice below before contacting our technical support, the details for which can be found at the foot of the homepage.

Logging in as a member

The new MU website contains many pages offering valuable news, documents and information.

This facility not only enables members to access the benefits of membership at any time and any place throughout the world via the web, but acts as a gateway to the industry with its many links to useful music business sites. With its up to date technology and simple navigation facility, the MU site permits visitors to access a comprehensive range of documents and links.

Paid up MU members can access the entire contents of this website by registering their own password and subsequently ‘logging in’ to the comprehensive members’ only areas within the facility.

Please follow the directions below to ‘Register’ and to benefit fully from your membership.

Registering Your Password

On the Homepage please note the ‘MU member? Register now?’ option towards the top right hand corner. Click on this, then complete and submit the Form shown.

—  First name: Please note that our records may contain your professional name, but please enter your actual name.

—  Last name: As above.

—  Membership Number: Please ensure that no unnecessary spaces or characters are entered as this may prevent your entry being authorised.

—  Email: Enter your email address as this will help us to keep in touch with you in the future. You will need to enter this twice.

—  User Name: Create a unique, memorable user name and ensure no unnecessary spaces or characters are entered as this may prevent your entry being authorised.

—  Password: Choose a memorable word of at least six characters.

If your entry is acknowledged as successful, you have registered your chosen password. If you have given us your email during the Registration process, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you obtain an error message, it is most likely that one of the following has occurred:

— You have entered details which do not match your membership records.

Please note: You may check your MU membership file by contacting your Regional Office, the details for which are shown on your Membership Card, in your Members’ Handbook, in your MU Diary or can be found in any of the other standard MU publications, such as The Musician journal.

—  Your subscription payments are not up to date. Once again, you may need to check with your Regional Office to confirm your membership status.

‘Logging In’ during subsequent visits

On subsequent visits to the site you will only need to ‘Log in’ via the relevant Log in box on the homepage, or when requested to do so, to gain immediate access to all areas of the site. The ‘Log in’ box only requires you to enter your chosen User name and registered Password.

N.B. Should you wish to change your Registered Password, simply re-register to establish a new Password. The system will always recall the last Password you registered.

Downloading PDFs

The latest version of Acrobat Reader can be found on Adobe’s website.

Once you have selected the appropriate icon, you will have to specify your language, operating system, and connection speed. The Adobe Reader software should then download and install automatically on your system. Before you install the latest version, however, please ensure that your system meets the requirements.

We recommend running Acrobat with no other applications running in the background.

Plug-ins are tools used to extend or add specific functionalities of your web browser. Acrobat Reader is one such plug-in. Other plug-ins, especially those that also deal with pdf files, may affect Acrobat Reader. Try to run Acrobat without any other plug-ins running.

Also check the size of the document itself. You may encounter difficulties downloading any documents that are greater than, say, 5MB in size.

If the documents are not opening when viewed via the web, then visit the Edit/Preferences/Options Menu and untick the box Display pdf in Browser.

For a list of Acrobat versions and requirements, please visit Adobe’s website.

Downloading audio files

 We have formatted the audio files available from the MU website specifically for online use. Depending on your web browser and your sound player(s), you can download a sound file in a number of ways, however, most contemporary systems will play a .mp3 file when you click on the relevant icon.