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Why join the MU?

MU General Secretary John F Smith

“You’re a musician, not a lawyer. You want to make music, not unduly worry about unpaid fees, cancelled bookings and intellectual property rights. That’s why you join the Musicians’ Union.

“You’re a musician, not a businessman. You want to get the best deal from your recordings and compositions without having to master the small print. That’s why you join the MU.

“You’re a musician, not an agent. You want your rights as a composer, songwriter or producer to be protected, especially against online rip-offs. That’s why you join the MU.

“You’re a musician who wants to know what other musicians are saying and thinking, to share their advice and to pick up tips on how you can improve your technique and advance your career. That’s also why you join the MU.

“As soon as you sign up for MU membership you become entitled to a wide range of valuable benefits.”

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