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08 Feb 2016

Love your Trade Union!

Show others what the MU means to you and raise awareness of the draconian Trade Union Bill as part of the TUC’s #heartunions week.

03 Feb 2016

Live music venues under threat in Aberdeen

Sign the petition to support Aberdeen venues and call on the City Council to adopt the Agent of Change principle.

02 Feb 2016

XpoNorth 2016: Creative Industries Take The High Road

XpoNorth conference and showcase is back, and open to applications from musicians who would like to take part.

02 Feb 2016

Katherine McGillivray’s Get a Life Fund

Katherine McGillivray’s Get a Life Fund gives awards to musicians planning a sabbatical from their normal working lives.

02 Feb 2016

Wiltshire Music Centre seeks non- executive Chair of Trustees

Wiltshire Music Centre promotes a year-round programme of over 100 live music concerts as well as music education and community initiatives.

27 Jan 2016

Creative industries worth almost £10 million an hour to economy

UK’s Creative Industries are worth £84.1 billion a year to the UK economy, according to DCMS figures.

26 Jan 2016

Music industry ‘taskforce’ assembled to tackle U.S. visa problems

Following discussions in early 2015 between the Musicians’ Union (MU) and USA Homeland Security, the MU and British Underground (BU) have released a ‘Guidance Note’ for musicians travelling under the Visa Waiver Programme or ESTA and showcasing at events in the States such as A3C, CMJ and SXSW.

25 Jan 2016

Beyond Stage Fright: managing performance stress

Beyond Stage Fright involves top international musicians, writers and teachers sharing their insights into managing performance stress.