Advice for working members affected by cold weather

Advice for working members affected by cold weather

Snow Advice for Members

The MU supports the call by the TUC that employers should treat all staff fairly if they are unable to get to work due to current snowy conditions.

For peripatetic teachers working in schools whether you are expected to make up missed teaching time will largely depend on the nature of your contract.   We advise you refer to the terms and conditions of your contract in the first instance.

Best practice would mean that employers already have in place a policy for “bad weather” and you should refer to your handbook. As a general guide if you are employed and the school or centre is closed you should be paid. If you are unable to travel but the school is open we advise you to contact your line manager to discuss the situation and agree on a case by case basis how your absence will be managed. If you are treated as ‘self employed’ then you will need to find a way to make up hours lost if you or the students are unable to make the lesson time.

We advise you seek confirmation from your line manager in each instance.

For further advice please contact your Regional Office or the Teachers’ Section on 020 7840 5506

Posted: January 24, 2013