Wellbeing Week at the MU in August

Wellbeing Week at the MU in August

We are holding a series of taster sessions for members on the theme of Health and Wellbeing for Musicians. These sessions will be free for members to attend and we will be gathering feedback so as to put together a nationwide programme of activity working with BAPAM and the Musicians Benevolent Fund In 2014.

These Wellbeing sessions will be held in the London and Birmingham offices although there is the chance to book a free Performance Wellness skype session with Dr Louise Montello for those unable to travel to these venues.

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to benefit from the experience and wisdom of a range of professionals who work with musicians enabling them to have healthier and happier lifestyles.

There are limited places on each session. Details on how to book are to be found by clicking on the links below.

  • Wellbeing Week: Playing with Awareness

    This workshop will offer the opportunity to reconnect with joy and spontaneity and the inspiration that maybe first bought you into your career as a musician. London – Thursday 22 Aug 2013

  • Wellbeing Week: Performance Wellness

    Dr Montello is a clinical research scientist based at New York University who specialises in the treatment and prevention of performance related disorders in musicians. Via Skype – 22 -23 August

  • Wellbeing Week: To be or not to be a Healthy Musician -The Musician’s Body

    In two sessions, the importance of knowing how your body works and how anomalies of posture can cause tension, pain and chronic aching. London – Friday 23 Aug 2013

  • Wellbeing Week: Life Coaching Sessions

    50 minute taster sessions to individuals or small groups. London – Tuesday 27 Aug 2013

  • Wellbeing Week: Yoga for Musicians

    Yoga is an effective practice to help develop mobility, stability and breathing. With greater all-round body control you can enhance your playing, develop greater fluidity, power and strength. London – Tuesday 27 Aug 2013

  • Posted: July 25, 2013