Attitude is Everything’s ‘State of Access Report’

Attitude is Everything’s ‘State of Access Report’

Investing in disabled access to live music events increases ticket sales, according to Attitude is Everything’s latest State of Access Report.

Attitude is Everything, a charity that improves deaf and disabled people’s access to live music, has revealed that the UK music industry is losing out on 2.5m tickets sales, or £66m in annual revenue, by not offering online booking to deaf and disabled customers.

The findings are part of the charity’s biennial State of Access Report, based on hundreds of ‘mystery shopping’ questionnaires from disabled music fans, which reveal that 83% of disabled gig-goers were put off buying tickets in the past year due to inaccessible booking systems.

The report finds that whilst 75% of disabled people preferred to book their tickets online, only 2 of 10 venues were actually offering online ticketing to disabled customers, opting instead to sell accessible tickets through in-house telephone booking lines, often with limited opening hours. This can lead to extended waiting times and occasionally missing out completely on popular gigs.

MU Equalities Official Bindu Paul said: “It’s great to see The State of Access Report, and the hard work that Attitude is Everything and the Mystery Shoppers have put into this to identify the persistent problem with access. As a trade union, we know that access is not only an issue for music fans but the music makers also. We look forward to seeing positive things happen as a result of this report”

Said Suzanne Bull MBE, CEO at Attitude is Everything, “The State of Access Report demonstrates the value of our dedicated team of Mystery Shoppers, who have identified barriers to overcome in terms of accessible ticketing policies. But our ethos is about working in partnership with the music industry to find solutions, so we’re confident that our findings will lead to an improved live music experience for deaf and disabled music fans in the UK.”

Read the full report here.

Posted: January 30, 2014