The MU pledges to continue its fight on behalf of the War Horse band

The MU pledges to continue its fight on behalf of the War Horse band

N.B. Members are reminded to refer any press or media enquiries to the Union

The MU received judgement today on its claim for Interim Injunctive relief for the five members of the War Horse band whose contracts the Royal National Theatre (NT) attempted to terminate in March 2014. The NT has replaced the band with a recording, elements of which were recorded outside the UK and therefore not subject to MU rates.

The application for an injunction was unsuccessful and the band are considering their position and taking advice on an appeal.

The detailed judgement given by Mr Justice Cranston included an indication that the musicians have a strong breach of contract claim, which the Union will be pursuing on their behalf.

Horace Trubridge, MU Assistant General Secretary:

‘We are disappointed not to have been granted an injunction, which would have seen the War Horse band return to the show this week. The NT argue that it would not be workable for the musicians to return to work a month after they were removed. A case which we refute. The band could go back into the show tonight, if the NT permitted it. The musicians have fulfilled their side of the bargain and the NT has broken its promise to employ them until the production closes.’

‘Had we won, we would have established a new legal precedent and this was possibly our best chance of ensuring our members’ contracts were honoured. However, the fight is far from over and we believe the band has an extremely robust breach of contract claim for the NT to answer.’

Posted: April 15, 2014