Musicians Union Student Membership

For a single payment of just £20 a year, students in full-time education can benefit from membership of the largest union of musicians in the world.

  • Free instrument insurance
  • Career and business advice
  • Rights protection
  • Free contract and partnership advice
  • £10 million public liability cover
  • Legal advice and assistance
  • Network of 30,000 musicians across the UK

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    The music industry promises great reward whatever your background, style or genre and in the modern world it has never been easier to get yourself heard.  But for the initiated, it can also be a minefield to negotiate and understand a myriad of contracts, rights and agreements, fees and rates.

    The Advisors

    The MU’s expert advisors are on hand to give you honest advice, support and guidance as you develop as a musician.

    The Protection

    Membership of the MU gives you access to comprehensive insurance to cover your instruments and public  liability – essential for performing in many venues. And of course as a trade union, we campaign for the rights of musicians wherever they are in the music business.


    There are 30,000 members of the MU and the MU is the only organisation established by musicians for musicians. So whatever your musical genre or profession, you’ll be in good company.

    If you are a student and in full time education, whatever your age, for just £20 you can join the Musicians’ Union and take advantage of all the benefits that membership of a dynamic, vibrant union can give you.

    Whether into folk, jazz, hip hop, dubstep, indie, metal, rock or orchestral music, students will always find like-minded people with years of experience and expertise in the MU.

    Join the MU and take advantage of the great value offer of a year’s membership for £20

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