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What contract should I use?

MU Teaching Contracts

On this page you will find information about:

  • MU teaching contracts - updated
  • Contracts for private teaching and teaching in schools
  • Further information on legislation affecting contracts
  • Teachers’ toolkit

The MU has updated its Teaching Contracts to make them compliant with changes in consumer law and also to make them for fit for purpose for teachers working either privately at home or in schools.

The changes to the Private Teaching contract have come about because of the implementation of The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013. These regulations came into force in 2014 and regards instrumental teachers as ‘traders’ which means they need to provide specific information to the ‘consumer’ i.e. the pupil or parent/guardian.

N.B. These changes apply to NEW pupils only and contracts that are continuing are not affected by the regulations.  Basically, it means that there is a 14 day cooling-off period where pupils can cancel the contract without any financial penalty. It is therefore advisable not to commence providing teaching services until the cooling-off period has expired, or the pupil has requested in writing for lessons to start during the cooling-off period.

  • MU Private Teaching (T1) has been redesigned to include a cancellation form so that it is compliant with the regulations for that 14 day period. (Otherwise normal cancellation policies apply). Please take the time to read the accompanying Explanatory notes to Contract T1.

We have also changed our Teaching in Schools contracts to be:

  • MU Teaching in Schools (T2) - A contract for those who work as self-employed teachers in schools where the school pays them.
  • MU Private Teaching in Schools (T2A) - A contract where teachers work in schools where the parent pays them.

The latter should be used in conjunction with the MU Teaching in Schools (T2) contract.

The three contracts are generic to encompass as many situations as possible, but we are aware that many members use their own contracts with their pupils because they want to add their own terms and conditions. If you want your contract checked to make sure it is compliant with the new legislation then please contact for advice.

MU Regional Offices can help with ready-printed copies of all three Contracts.

For further information about the new legislation from the Government’s website:

Teachers' Toolkit

T1 Contract Private Teaching (PDF 614.31 bytes file opens in new window)

T2 Contract Teaching in Schools (PDF 48.25 bytes file opens in new window)

T2A Contract Private Teaching in Schools (PDF 1.69 MB file opens in new window)

Explanatory Notes for T1 Contract (PDF 185.56 bytes file opens in new window)