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Concerts & Shows

What you should expect

On this page you will find information about:

  • Advice on arranging a contract
  • Agents and Fixers
  • Recording fees
  • Theatre engagements

Arranging a contract

Concerts and shows will attract a ticket buying audience so it is reasonable to expect a fair fee for such work. These will either be booked directly with artists or through an agent/manager. It is always advisable to ask for a contract. If you are an MU member, you can use our Contract Advisory Service and get advice on any contract offered before signing.

Agents and Fixers

Some concerts will be booked via Orchestral Managers or ‘Fixers’. Again fees of no less than MU minimums should be offered. Fixers, whilst not being agents, act on behalf of the producer and are hired specifically to manage the band or Orchestra. When dealing with a Fixer, contact your Regional Office to see if they are on the approved Fixer list.

Recording fees

It is also wise to check before agreeing any fee whether the concert or show will be recorded – audio or audiovisual – as recording fees should be paid in addition to any performance fee. See our Recording and Broadcasting section for further details.

Theatre engagements

Touring and static regional theatre work would fall under the terms of the MU/UK Theatre Collective Bargaining Agreement, as long as the producer or the theatre in which you are working is a member of the UK Theatre trade body. Such engagements would generally be defined by a minimum requirement of 8 shows per week on consecutive days. See our Theatres section advice for further details.

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