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Venue capacity

Main Room 400 / Studio Bar 150


Tom Brain



01273 647124

Venue location

44-47 Gardner Street, Brighton, East Sussex

What We're Looking For

Successfully getting a support slot with one of the promoters we work with means supporting a wide range of artists from local up to international artists in a space with a capacity of 400 people. This is the best way to then progress to be considered for support slots to national touring acts in the main auditorium.

How to get a gig

We don’t book shows in-house but we are happy to point artists in the right direction and give any help or advice that we can along the way. Please feel free to any links to music and bios.


Komedia has now played a part in Brighton’s arts scene for over twenty years. Whilst some people may know it for the comedy shows we pride ourselves on a wide variety of programming including an excellent range of live music and club nights. We don’t currently in-house programme our live music events but as passionate music fans and even as humans with a conscious we would never expect someone to take part in a ‘pay to play’ scheme. We want to be part of an industry that looks after both the performers and the customers coming to see them.


Get in Touch

The MU relies on information from members performing at these venues to keep the Fair Play Venue list up to date.


Let us know how you get on with your Fair Play Venue gigs, email us at


If you’ve had a bad experience and need urgent advice, please contact your MU Regional Office.