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The Bell Inn



Venue capacity



Steve Henwood



01225 460426

Venue location

103 Walcot Street Bath Somerset BA1 5BW

What We're Looking For

3 or 4 free entry gigs per week. Eclectic and enthusiastic audiences. Good vibes. Community-owned and -supported pub well-known for quality music.

How to get a gig

We only take enquiries via email (not phone, not facebook). It's imperative to link us to at least 3 tracks of what you actually sound like - the lineup you are proposing, without extra instruments or personnel or excessive studio colouration, recorded to a standard so we can actually differentiate the instruments - eg. decent live recording, live-in-the-studio, radio session. Live is what we're buying. Describe yourselves in a couple of sentences and say where else you play, including near us, whether this is a tour, etc. Because of the amount of enquiries we get we don't usually reply quickly, and can be booked up to 6 months ahead - but always worth trying with something sooner (as long as it's not this month, give us some credit please...).


We do the classic pub band 2x45 minute sets, without support (unless one comes with a tour package). We run gigs at the beginning of the week and Sunday lunchtime, NOT weekend nights (Thursday is Open Mic), except for something really exceptional. House PA & engineer, no backline, standard drinks rider only. Because of the layout of the building and not wishing to duplicate other thriving venues in the city, we DO NOT run the following genres (unless very much hybridised with something we do like): Rock, indie, metal, post-rock, punk, pop, electronic, electronic dance, C&W, mainstream jazz, mainstream anything. We don't run cover or tribute acts. We have a dedicated solos/duos/acoustic night but don't really use solo singer/songwriters except if firmly folk/blues/jazz/americana/ethnic/soul/unusual. We also don't touch anyone who uses backing tapes, or who substantially substitutes live musicians with samples, loops or other electronics: a DJ/beats generator is great as part of a live hiphop-influenced ensemble, but probably not as the only rhythm section unless way out of genre. We look for acts who have strong instrumental skills as well as great songs. This still leaves us far too much good music to choose from, and we're not necessarily looking for something too similar to acts we already programme. Second room, with PA & engineer, for hire (do your own door) at bargain rates most nights of the week if you really need to fill that date.


Get in Touch

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