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The Performance Flash Fund – apply now

Apply for Flash Funding by 11.59pm on Friday 8 April with PRS for Music Foundation, in association with Wigwam Acoustics and the Musicians’ Union.

PRS for Music Foundation launched its new round of Flash Funding, in association with Wigwam Acoustics and the Musicians' Union.

The Flash Funding programme addresses issues facing emerging music creators by responding to specific needs with an innovative approach to funding, involving video submissions, quick turnaround and high-profile industry experts and partners.

The programme

The Performance Flash Fund offers four emerging UK artists and bands the opportunity to apply for:

  • Bespoke monitoring packages worth up to £10,000: Wigwam Acoustics will provide the hire of monitoring system technology, available to artists in order to facilitate and capture the best live music performance possible in any venue. This will comprise of in-ear monitoring (IEM) and microphone packages, control systems and sundries. All audio costs will be covered by Flash Funding partners.
  • Tour support: PRS for Music Foundation and the Musicians’ Union offer an additional £300 to assist with UK touring costs (e.g. travel, accommodation, per diems)
  • Touring advice and training: each monitoring package will be spec’d and built by Wigwam Acoustics as per the artist’s requirements. Wigwam also offer basic training and telephone support to ensure consistent audio quality throughout a tour. The Musicians’ Union and PRS for Music Foundation will arrange workshops and mentoring sessions to ensure artists make the most of touring opportunities.
  • Ongoing promotional support: PRS for Music Foundation will help to promote each of the four tours which will take place from late April 2016.

Apply now

Flash Funding opens at 10am on Wednesday 6 April, and artists must apply directly by video.

Find out more and apply via PRS for Music.

The deadline is 11.59pm on Friday 8 April.


Published: 06/04/2016

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