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OiRA – a new risk assessment tool

Conduct a simple and thorough health and safety risk assessment of your performance space using OiRA, a free online tool.

Live performance risk assessments take time and bring their own set of stresses. But a new, free online tool takes the worry out of risk. It’s called Online Interactive Risk Assessment, or OiRA.

OIRA is designed to help those who have to carry out a health and safety risk assessment in the music and entertainment industries. It gives you a very simple checklist that you can add notes to, download the text from, and even view specific legislation. OiRA has been produced by representatives of employers, unions, government ministries and those working on the ground, and it aims to make risk assessment easier and cover off every eventuality.

MU health and safety specialist Roger Sutton was on the OIRA working party; “The tool fills an important gap for the industry. It does cover the key problems facing those who have to get involved in risk assessment. It goes much further than most in risk assessment roles could do without its assistance. For the small outfits that have to do risk assessments there is nothing similar available and is far better than most commercial offerings - and is free.

“It is mainly designed for those in smaller set-ups or those with no health and safety experience but it has proved useful well beyond these categories. Health and safety officers in larger organisations have found it useful as an aide memoire on the many things that may need looking at in a production or show. It can similarly give a guide to safety reps as to what managers should be looking at. It is also an educational tool for those wanting to find out more about risk assessment in the industry.”

Use OiRA to conduct a health and safety risk assessment of your workspace.

Published: 22/07/2016

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