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Parents Support Free Movement for Musicians

It's not just musicians who have been signing the MU petition calling on Government and Parliament to support free movement for musicians post-Brexit. Those around them are making themselves heard too.

Almost 25,000 people have signed the Musicians’ Union petition calling on Government and Parliament to support free movement for musicians post-Brexit.

It’s not just musicians themselves signing – those around them are making themselves heard. Parents and grandparents are telling us that they are worried about their children’s future and the impact of Brexit on their careers in music.

Starting out

“My son hopes to be a professional musician one day. Through his involvement in music, I have come to know many other young musicians whose ambition is to forge a career in music – and not just classical."

"Not being able to travel freely in the EU would make it so much more difficult for these hardworking, dedicated and talented young people to be able to forge a successful career,” says Sian from Llanllechid.

“My daughter is an up and coming musician who needs to be able to travel freely to sing and play in Europe,” writes Jane from Waterlooville.

Working together

Elaine from Aberdeen’s son and his friends are already gigging. She says,“My son has been brought up as a European, he plays in a successful band. Members of the band are from all over Europe. ”

Elaine adds, “Many of his friends are musicians touring all over Europe and the world. It is essential for Government and Parliament to Support Free Movement for Musicians Post Brexit.”

Making a living

Jean from Stourport-on-Severn says, “having a son who is a musician I fully understand the importance of this petition. Our musicians need to travel the world to showcase British talent, and closed borders would have a huge impact on their ability to travel for work."

"It's bad enough that we are leaving Europe. Please don't make life even more difficult for musicians and performers to make a living and showcase our country's talent.”

“My son is a musician travelling to many countries in Europe for gigs and shows. Life is difficult enough for young musicians trying to make a living these days without added travel barriers,” comments Judith from Bristol.

“Five of my daughters and two grandchildren are musicians,” says Tony from Smethwick.

Sian, Jane, Elaine, Jean, Judith and Tony are not alone

Over a thousand people have told us why they care about free movement for musicians post-Brexit. Do you? Take action now! Sign the petition via Change.org.

Published: 12/04/2018

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