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Your #MUmoment: Nickie Dixon

Orchestral musician Nickie Dixon shares her most poignant career moment as part of the Musician Behind the Moment campaign.

Orchestral musician Nickie Dixon shares her most poignant career moment as part of the Musician Behind the Moment campaign.

“For the Cultural Olympiad to celebrate the Olympics in 2012, Kokoro composer in residence Stephen MacNeff wrote The Chalk Legend.

“The production involved Kokoro (Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s contemporary music ensemble), a youth orchestra, adult and children’s choirs, actors, dancers and opera singers.

“It was all set in the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, where Ben Ainslie defended his Olympic title.

“It was inspired by the digging up of Viking bones when they were building the Weymouth relief road ahead of the Olympics.

“We even had a yellow digger come into the auditorium during the performance. The H&S day-glow clad actors, singers and dancers ushered it in, with cones and flashing lights parting the audience as it took centre stage.

“Even though I knew what to expect, personally I was awe struck and I think the audience couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing!

“The whole opera was a bit like Top Gear, with the audience standing around the action. Just fabulous. Such a unique and accessible setting for the work, bringing the whole community together.

“I think it was one of those awe and wonder moments, especially for the young children in the choir. It had to be seen to be believed! I’d love to talk to the children who got involved, say in another 10 years’ time. I bet they will never forget that experience.

“Stephen MacNeff composed something truly extraordinary and I felt incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to take part in it.”

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Published: 14/08/2018

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