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UK Music Publishes Myth-Buster on Article 13 Copyright Changes

UK Music has published an extensive myth-buster, answering common questions about Article 13 – a part of the proposed new Copyright Directive which is being considered by the European institutions.

The goal behind article 13 to strengthen musicians’ and creators’ rights in relation to use of their work on digital platforms. But it has been heavily campaigned against by platforms such as Youtube as it would cost these companies money.

The myth buster covers common questions such as ‘What is Article 13 about and what does it mean?’ and ‘Some are claiming Article 13 will only benefit big businesses like record labels. Who will Article 13 really benefit?’. It also includes sharable social graphics to help get the message out.

Musicians are encouraged to read and share the myth buster, helping to counter claims from the platforms who stand to benefit from Article 13 being rejected.

Read the myth buster on the UK Music Website.

Published: 21/12/2018
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