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Five Musicians and a Music Fan Called Steve

It’s less than a year until Brexit and we still don’t know what will happen to free movement. For the thousands of musicians in the UK, this is a real concern.

Many have signed our petition calling on Government and Parliament to back free movement for musicians working in the EU.

So many, in fact, that we can make a case for Brexit based solely on the experiences of musicians and music fans called Steve. So here it is!

Why free movement matters according to five Steves

“I'm signing because I value my freedom of movement.

"This means that I can work as a musician in Europe with ease and without visas, extra admin, and being taxed twice for the same income under tax treaties.

"I want the government to respect and push for these rights to remain, and not just sweep them away in a botched exit deal or no deal at all"

– Steve

“I'm a professional musician. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to organise a tour after an unfavourable Brexit. This is our livelihoods. Music has no borders... governments should take this into account”

– Steve

“Music should not be held back by political decisions and boundaries”

– Steve

“We need to retain our travel – restrictions make no sense for creative individuals and craftsman, which obviously includes, musicians, artists and other performers”

– Steve

“It serves British musicians to travel. It also serves tourism into and within Britain to have EU diverse musicians performing in British festivals, e.g. in Lancaster and Morecambe”

– Steve

“I want the best to come to venues near me, so the best must be able to easily go to venues near other folks”

– Steve

It’s not just people called Steve

Almost 25,000 people have signed the Musicians’ Union petition for free movement post-Brexit.

Add your voice to the call for free movement.

Sign the petition.

Want to do more

Are you a musician?

Are you concerned about the future of your favourite musicians?

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Published: 08/06/2018
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