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MU Highlights Sexual Harassment and Gender Equality at TUC Women’s Conference

The Musicians’ Union (MU) is delighted to be attending TUC Women’s Conference once again. Over three days, trade union members from across the UK get together to discuss the big issues affecting women and how to solve them.

Motions voted on at TUC Women’s Conference go on to direct the work of the TUC. This year, the MU is taking two motions to TUC Women’s Conference focusing on festival line-ups, and sexual harassment in the music industry.

MU Motion: Festival Line-ups

Music festivals have recently come under criticism for programming stages heavily dominated by male artists, with some line-ups featuring only 5% female performers. Not only does this result in a lack of opportunities for female performers, but it also perpetuates a landscape where the visibility of female performers remains limited.

Although this needs addressing with immediate effect, it would appear to be an industry-wide problem, both feeding into the live sector and also as a result of it. Work is therefore required throughout the music industry from the bottom up and the top down to provide:

  • a safe and welcoming industry for female performers
  • a diverse supply of acts for employers and promoters
  • balanced, appealing line-ups for audiences looking for enjoyable live experiences.

Conference asks the TUC to support the MU in encouraging employers to demonstrate a commitment to gender equality, and to nurture and promote a diverse programme of music.

MU Motion: Sexual Harassment in the Music Industry

The recent cases and allegations of sexual harassment across the entertainment industries have highlighted serious problems in the treatment of women in the music industry.

Traditionally, the MU has been approached when harassment or discrimination occurs in an employment situation or when it has affected a musician’s ability to get work. Examples of this have previously included adverts calling for attractive female violinists and inappropriate dress policies, as well as instances of sustained harassment in a place of employment.

As a result of the recent surge of allegations, the MU has extended its services to female musicians, both members and non-members. As well as hosting a series of meetings aimed at providing advice to anyone affected, the MU has created an email address where musicians can report abuse and ask for assistance whilst remaining anonymous.

Conference asks the TUC to help highlight the advice and assistance provided by the MU to all musicians suffering harassment or abuse.

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Published: 07/03/2018
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