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TUC Young Workers’ Conference Passes Motion on Sexual Harassment, Makes It Priority Campaign

The Musicians’ Union (MU) was delighted to attend the Trades Union Congress' (TUC's) annual Young Workers’ Conference on 24 and 25 March 2018.

MU member Amy Fitz Doyley moved the MU’s motion on sexual harassment, abuse, discrimination and exploitation with a powerful speech on the issue. “It’s so important that we have something in place for the next generation of musicians coming up – we have a duty of care and must act on this responsibility. We need to challenge what is happening today in order to change tomorrow,” said Fitz Doyley.

“I can tell you that sexual harassment looks different for those from BAME groups. Many feel as though their stories haven't yet been represented, and many aren’t yet feeling as empowered,” she added.

“To all those in the music industry who don’t think there is a problem, we say time is up! Let’s encourage the silence breakers, whistle blowers, role models and allies. Let’s challenge what is happening today in order to change tomorrow,” said Fitz Doyley.

The motion, which passed unanimously, calls on Conference to:

  • Support research to uncover the breadth of experience of all workers represented by TUC affiliated unions
  • Acknowledge the challenges of empowering freelance workers to speak out and signpost sources of help, including the email address for individuals working in the music industry to confidentially report sexual harassment, discrimination, abuse and exploitation
  • Work with trade unions representing both employed and freelance workers to raise awareness of support provided to employed and freelance workers.

The MU would like to thank young members of Equity for seconding and speaking in support of the motion.

Tackling harassment and bullying was voted one of two priority campaigns for the TUC Young Members Forum for 2018-2019, along with mental health for young workers. The Forum, which meets at least four times a year, is an advisory committee to the governing body of the TUC and works on the issues raised at Young Workers’ Conference throughout the year.

Are you an MU member aged 30 or under? Email to get involved with our young members’ activities throughout the year.

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Published: 26/03/2018
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