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UK Council of Music Makers launched

The UK Council of Music Makers (CMM) – comprising of the Musicians Union (MU), British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors, Featured Artists Coalition (FAC), Music Managers Forum and the Music Producers Guild – launched on 13 September.

The CMM is campaigning to achieve modernisation, fairness and transparency for music makers.

The CMM campaigns for a better future for music makers, to ensure that they can thrive in the digital age. Its mission is to fight for the rights of songwriters, performing and recorded artists, music managers, music producers and musicians. The work of whom generates a £4.4bn GVA contribution for the UK economy.

Naomi Pohl, MU Assistant General Secretary, said:

“After months of hard work and discussion, we are delighted to formally announce the existence of the Council of Music Makers.

We hope we will offer an effective and fleet-of-foot one-stop shop for anyone who wants to get the music maker viewpoint.

We will sit alongside UK Music which already offers a single point of contact for the music industry, but the CMM’s establishment acknowledges that creators and performers in music have their own needs and priorities and we think they will be well served by us.

I look forward to all we will achieve together.”

Imogen Heap – music maker, FAC Artist in Residence and founder of MyCelia – says:

“As a music maker in the digital era, and as part of CMM, I want to ensure the future is positive, progressive, and flourishing for creators in their development and beyond.

“The current climate around the economics of streaming and the digital transition of the music business has been hampered by outdated laws and outmoded contracts which can be convoluted, confusing and unfair - particularly for those music makers without the resources to fully understand or challenge them.”

A video message from Imogen, CMM’s first patron.

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Published: 17/09/2018
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