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Your #MUmoment: Aaron Carrington

Guitarist Aaron Carrington shares a moment in his life made by orchestral music as part of the Musician Behind the Moment campaign.

Guitarist Aaron Carrington shares a moment in his life made by orchestral music as part of the Musician Behind the Moment campaign.

“In early 2018, an organization I work for, Newham Music Hub came up with a way for its teachers to collaborate and inspire young people – a live music event, aptly named the Festival of Youth (or FOY), for which there would be a matinee and an evening show. I personally, would form part of the matinee performing with fellow tutors to some of our younger primary school students.

“In preparation for the event, tutors composed some music, went out to various schools across the borough and taught students the songs, so that when the day came they’d be able to join in and sing their hearts out. The rest of the music was recognisable classical repertoire such as Mars by Gustav Holst and Star Wars by John Williams.

“Turn the clocks forward to mid-July and this had all come to fruition. The venue was Theatre Royal, Stratford. Picture me seated at the back right of the stage in the ‘band section’ amongst the drummer, keyboard and bass player with a full orchestra right in front of me. As a big fan of classical music, this was a huge treat, something that I’ve always wanted to do and not too often does an electric guitar player have the privilege of playing with an orchestra.

“More importantly though, the children got a real buzz out of the fact that it was their teacher sat on the stage and yes, they did indeed sing their little hearts out, clearly in awe of what they were experiencing (as was I!).

“I’ve always wanted to play with an orchestra. I’ve been to watch the London Symphony and London Philharmonic a number of times at the South Bank Centre and was once reduced to tears by the Adagio section of Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto, a beautiful, beautiful piece.”

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Published: 05/09/2018

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