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Petition for UK Ivory Bill Exemption to Protect the Trade and Value of Antique Bows

There are concerns that the UK Ivory Bill, which is due to come into force later in 2019, will cause significant issues for owners of antique bows. A petition is in circulation, calling for a new exemption to be added.

The UK Ivory Bill passed Royal Assent and became law in December 2018.

When it comes into force later in 2019, owners of bows with elephant ivory tips will have to register their bows and subsequently obtain permits before they can be sold outside of the UK, or outside of Europe in the event that the UK does not leave the EU.

To obtain the permits the owners of the bows will need to provide proof that they were made before 1975, but in many cases the owners will not have the relevant documentation.

Bows are no longer made using elephant ivory, and this potential restriction on the trade of old bows does not offer any conservation benefits.

It is, however, potentially very problematic for bow owners who will either struggle to obtain permission to sell or who will be required to replace the ivory. The only suitable replacement for bows containing elephant ivory is mammoth ivory, and this is also expected to be added to the ban in due course.

The music industry supports the principles of the Ivory Bill, and this petition seeks an exemption that would protect the trade and value of antique bows without hampering conservation efforts.

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Published: 07/02/2019

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