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Musicians’ Union to Attend Trades Union Congress Women’s Conference

The Musicians’ Union (MU) is delighted to be attending Trades Union Congress (TUC) Women’s Conference once again this Women’s History Month.

Delegates from the MU will be raising the issue of sexual harassment in the music industry, and calling on the TUC to lobby Government to better protect freelancers and self-employed workers.

Full text of the motion

Since launching in 2017, the MU’s Safe Space Service has been inundated with reports of sexual harassment and discrimination. From orchestral players to music students the music industry is rife with abuses of power.

The industry has a high level of self-employed workers who don’t have access to the same protections or support mechanisms as employees. Consequently, self-employed musicians are in a vulnerable position and often don’t report incidents for fear of being blacklisted and loosing work.

We must end the toxic culture of silence in the music industry and create an environment where reporting is encouraged and people who experience sexual harassment and discrimination are supported.

Everyone in the workplace deserves to be protected from sexual harassment and discrimination.

Conference asks the TUC to lobby Government to:

  • Extend the time limit within which a harassment or discrimination claim must be lodged to at least 6 months
  • Extend the Equality Act 2010 definitions to include self-employed workers
  • Reintroduce third party harassment provisions, without the three strikes test
  • Reintroduce the use of statutory discrimination questionnaires
  • Regulate the use of NDAs so they are not used unethically in cases where sexual harassment is alleged

MU talks to Sky about #MeToo and music

Deputy General Secretary Naomi Pohl recently spoke to Sky News about the impact of #MeToo and ongoing court proceedings against R. Kelly.

“There’s a greater awareness now around the prevalence of sexual harassment in the music industry. So there are reports being made, and there are cases being investigated.

“But most of the time, it’s at a much lower level. It’s not so high profile and therefore it’s not really talked about.”

Safe Space

No-one should experience or fear sexual harassment, abuse, bullying or discrimination on campus or at work.

If you have, whatever your role in the music industry, you can report it to us at safespace@theMU.org.

All emails are treated in the strictest confidence and no action will be taken on your behalf without your prior consent.

Published: 07/03/2019

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