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Monthly Feldenkrais classes starting from May 2019

The Musicians’ Union (MU) will be holding a series of workshops exploring how your habits of movement can constrain your potential – both on and off the stage.

Feldenkrais uses a process of organic learning, through moving and sensing, to free you from habitual patterns.

These patterns, embedded in our nervous system, often become outmoded or dysfunctional, creating unnecessary limitations. These movement habits can cause us pain, tension, performance anxiety, or stage fright, or just not allow you to play at the top of your game.

The Feldenkrais Method is based on sound principles of neuroplasticity, physics and physiology, optimising brain connections with our skeleton, muscles and soft tissues.

Neuroscientists such as Norman Doidge have shown that the brain is able to re-wire and constantly keep learning throughout life, contrary to old ideas that we stop learning when we are adult. You can change how you are, and how you move at any age, if you understand how to ‘re-wire’ your nervous system.

Through this unique combination of explorative movement and learning greater physical self-awareness you will discover and develop your ability to move ‘smart’. Improve your posture, strength and flexibility in the way you move and play. Feldenkrais is an extraordinary tool.

There will be one class a month for six months starting May 2019. Provisionally, these will be held on the last Friday of every month at the MU HQ in London.

Register your interest by emailing and keep an eye out for the individual events as we list them on the website.

Published: 28/03/2019

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