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Trade Unions Invited to Show Solidarity with Climate Change Activism on 12 October

Trade unionists have been invited to rally at Trafalgar Square on Saturday 12 October and show solidarity with climate activism.

Photo of Trafalgar square
The rally will be at 12:30 pm, Trafalgar Square. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Trade Unionists with various affiliations will be coming together from across the country to rally at 12:30 pm on Saturday 12 October in Trafalgar Square.

There will be speeches from school strikers and officials from various unions at the event.

Each industry must play its part

The MU supported the passing of a motion for a Green new Deal at the Labour Party conference, has signed up to Music Declares Emergency, and is working with Julie’s Bicycle to ensure that the music industry plays its part in responding to the climate emergency.

MU Deputy General Secretary Naomi Pohl explained the union's position:

“The MU believes we need to be ambitious in order to bring the climate crisis to a halt. This is one of the biggest issues facing humanity today and possibly for all time. Every industry must play its part in addressing it.

“We will be working with Julie’s Bicycle and other industry organisations to advise our members on reducing their carbon footprints. We know touring presents some particular challenges for musicians but there are improvements we can make if we work together. This issue must be at the top of our collective agenda.”

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Published: 08/10/2019

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