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CITES Votes in Favour of Allowing Exemption for Musical Instruments made with Rosewood

At the latest meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) – which was held in Geneva – attendees voted in favour of allowing exemptions for musical instruments made with rosewood.

Photo of bows for sale hanging in a shop. Photo credit: Shutterstock
Rosewood is used in a number of instruments, including violin bows

The Music Industries Association (MIA) have informed the MU that a lobby of international makers convened at the meeting to argue that musical instruments should be exempt.

Read a full overview of these important developments on MIA’s website.

Following the call for evidence by the Government on non-ivory species being used in instrument manufacture and repair, the MU submitted its findings – including results from a survey of members – to DEFRA.

The MU, alongside the ABO and the MIA, are calling for a blanket exemption for musical instruments should the government introduce further bans on ivory substitutes such as Mammoth.

Read advice and guidance on travelling with instruments, including the MU’s downloadable guide for Musicians and Ensembles, ‘Crossing Borders’.

Published: 03/09/2019

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