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Call for Information from Members Who Have Received Online Performance Requests

We would like to hear from any members who have recently been asked to stream their performances to private audiences, so we can develop how we meet your needs during disruption from the coronavirus.

Blurred stage lights in blue and white
We’re keeping track of how to protect our members as they continue to adapt and work in different ways in response to the coronavirus. Photo credit: Shutterstock

We’ve heard from a number of members who have been asked to privately stream performances. By private, we mean streaming a performance on request to a specific person or selection of people, rather than public broadcasts over social media.

We are looking at possible ways of protecting members who are now working in this way, including adapting contracts to meet your needs.

Please let us know about requests that you may have received, or performances that you’ve undertaken by emailing live@theMU.org

For advice on contracts for live performances which have been rescheduled due to disruption from the coronavirus pandemic, see our advice page on Future Live Performances.

Published: 08/04/2020

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