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Registering to Vote in the Labour Party Leadership Election

MU members should be aware that they are not automatically eligible to vote in the up coming Labour Party leadership election. Members who wish to vote will need to complete the following steps.

Logo of the UK Labour Party
MU members are not automatically eligible to vote in the Labour Party leadership election

Please read the following steps carefully. If you are a member of the MU and not a member of the Labour party, you will need to meet all of the conditions required if you want to vote in the Labour Party leadership election.

If you are a Labour Party member:

You are entitled to vote and need to take no further actions at this point.

If you are an MU member and not a Labour Party member:

1) You must be paying the political levy as part of your MU membership fee.

To check whether you are opted in to the MU’s political fund, or to opt in if you haven’t done so – see your membership account page.

2) You also need to be registered with the Labour Party as an affiliated supporter.

If you have not previously registered, you will need to do so on the Labour Party’s website before 5:00 pm, Monday 3 February. If you are unsure about whether you are registered or not, you will need to contact the Labour Party.

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Published: 13/01/2020

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