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Support Your Favourite Independent Record Shop With #LoveRecordStores

On Thursday 26 March, musicians, artists, actors and celebrity music fans around the world showing their love for their favourite independent record store over the hashtag #LoveRecordStores.

A woman looking at a vinyl in the record store
There are fears that some independent record shops may not survive if something is not done urgently to stimulate sales. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The idea behind this global initiative is to encourage customers to continue shopping in independent record shops online, helping protect these businesses during the current coronavirus crisis.

With many of these shops now experiencing a catastrophic drop-off in footfall or having already closed their doors there are fears that some may not survive if something is not done urgently to stimulate sales.

Participants will be filming short video clips of themselves talking about what independent record shops mean to them, where their favourite shop is, and what records and artists those shops have helped them discover.

Most importantly they will be encouraging others to continue to shop online with their favourite shops wherever possible.

All music lovers are invited to participate. All they need to do is share a post on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #LoveRecordStores and say what independent record stores have meant to them.

Call on Government to properly protect freelance workers

It’s not just the independent businesses who need extra support. Workers across the music industry are being affected by the pandemic.

We are urgently calling on Government to put in proper protections for freelance workers affected by or self-isolating due to coronavirus.

Join us by emailing, tweeting or writing to your MP. We’ve even published a letter template if you’re not sure what to say.

Published: 25/03/2020

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