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Help UK Music Speak for You by Completing This Survey

We’re calling on members to complete UK Music’s annual survey, at a time when it is more important than ever to speak to the Government about the needs of the music industry. It takes nine minutes to complete, and you can enter their prize draw.

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Complete this survey to help UK Music and its member organisations be more effective in speaking to government on issues that impact you. Photo caption: Shutterstock

The survey contributes to UK Music’s flagship annual economic study Music By Numbers, which is published in the Autumn. You can read last year’s report here.

Results from the survey enable UK Music and its member organisations (including the MU) to demonstrate how music contributes to the UK economy through hard economic data. This has led to success in securing support for live music venues, copyright protection and performers’ rights.

This survey will mainly focus on your 2019 income. What happened last year is still very important, as this establishes a benchmark before the coronavirus took hold. You will also be asked some questions about the first half of 2020 to help UK Music better understand the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our industry thus far.

All responses are anonymous, confidential and aggregated, managed in accordance with GDPR legislation. It should take around nine minutes to complete, and if you leave your contact details you can enter into their draw for a pair of Sennheiser PXC 550 wireless headphones.

Please complete this survey and help UK Music be more effective in speaking to government on issues that impact you.

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Published: 19/05/2020

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