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Disclosure of Personal Data


When you choose to create a public profile on this website ("our Site"), depending on your choices in relation to your privacy settings, the information you include in your profile may be accessible by anyone over the internet.

It is important to consider what information it is appropriate to disclose to the general public. This set of frequently asked questions ("FAQs") is intended to provide some useful pointers in determining what information you should include in your profile. It also contains some guidance regarding what to do if you accidentally share personal information via your profile which you did not intend to disclose.

Please note that this document does not deal with the restrictions imposed upon your use of our Site. Please ensure you have read and agree to comply with our Terms of Use and User Guidelines before using our Site.


Who will be able to view the content of my public profile?

Any information in your public profile which you choose to make 'public' will be visible to all users of the internet. It may also appear in results produced by search engines and linked to on other web pages.

Similarly, any information which you choose to make available to 'members only' will be available to all members of the Musicians' Union registered to use the Site.

Information on your profile which you choose to keep 'private' will only be shared with us and third parties in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Such information will not be shared with other members of the public or other members.

How can I choose who will be able to view the content of my public profile?

You can select the appropriate setting for each piece of information contained in your public profile by checking the relevant box when you input (or update) the information in question.

What personal information should not be included in my public profile?

It is ultimately your decision as to what information you wish to include in your public profile. However, there are certain categories of personal information which we would strongly discourage you from disclosing, as follows:

  • any personal financial information, including details of bank accounts and/or bank or credit cards (disclosing such information may leave you exposed to fraud or theft); and
  • certain personal identity details such as your passport or national insurance number (disclosing this information may leave you vulnerable to identity fraud).

Is there any other personal information I should be wary about disclosing?

We would urge caution in disclosing any sensitive personal information, such as information regarding:

  • your racial or ethnic origin;
  • your political opinions;
  • your religious or other beliefs;
  • your sex life; and
  • any physical or mental condition you may have.

Disclosing this information may leave you vulnerable to unwanted communications and/or abuse from other internet users.

We would also urge you to take care in deciding which contact details to include in your public profile. Once your contact details are available on the internet they may be used for a variety of unwanted purposes, including marketing and/or advertising by third parties and the circulation of viruses and other harmful malware.

Will any personal information automatically be disclosed when I create a profile?

It is important to bear in mind that when you create a public profile, your name, any contact information you include and the fact that you are a member of the Musicians' Union will automatically be disclosed to other internet users.
If you do not wish for such information to be known to the public then please do not create a public profile.

What should I do if I have accidentally included information in my public profile which I didn't intend to share?

Aside from editing your profile immediately to remove the information in question or changing your privacy settings to control who can access that information (as outlined in question 2 above), you may also contact your Regional Office and request that we suspend your profile, so that it is no longer visible on our Site.

Once information is posted on the internet, it may not be possible to prevent further use or circulation of the information as there may be no record of who has accessed it. However, you may wish to contact the Information Commissioner's Office ("the ICO") in relation to any specific concerns you have about how your information is being used (for example, if you have been receiving unwanted marketing or advertising communications) – you can contact the ICO using the details provided here.