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MU Democracy

Executive Committee meeting minutes

Please note that these minutes are abridged as some of the issues that the Committee discusses must remain confidential.


Details of the latest ballots for elections to key positions within the MU are published in keeping with the relevant legislation, if any, both in the Ballot results section of this website and in the first available edition of the members’ quarterly journal, The Musician.

Ballot results 2018.

Independent Scrutineer

The Executive Committee has appointed Popularis Ltd, Nutsey Lane, Totton, Southampton SO40 3RL, as the Union’s Independent Scrutineer.

Summary Accounts

Statement to Members, as required under the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 (Amended).

Summary accounts for the year ending 31 December 2017.

Motions to the EC

There are three methods of making a point to the relevant Union Committee.

Rule VI of the Rules explains how a point (correctly referred to as a Motion) can be submitted — see MU Rules for full details.

a) A Motion moved at a Regional AGM (normally held in September), if accepted, will be sent directly to the EC.

The Motion will require a mover and a seconder and after debate will be put to a vote by the Chair. Should the Motion be adopted by the AGM it is sent, on behalf of all members in the Region, to the General Secretary for consideration by the EC.

The result of the EC’s deliberations will be conveyed to the Regional Committee (RC) and members in that Region will be informed through its quarterly newsletter.

b) A Motion may be submitted for consideration by an RC if it is supported by at least five members of the Region, who must provide their names and membership numbers.

If accepted by the RC, the Motion will be forwarded by the Regional Organiser to the General Secretary for the attention of the EC.

The result of the EC’s deliberations will be reported to the original supporters via the RC.

c) A Motion may be submitted in writing directly to the EC if it is supported by at least 20 members, who must all provide their names and membership numbers.

The Motion should be forwarded to the General Secretary, who will present it to the EC for its consideration.

The results of the EC’s deliberations will be conveyed to all of the supporters of the Motion.

Under Rule XII.2, Retired (free) members are not entitled to move, second or support Motions to the EC or RCs.

Delegate Conference

The next Biennial Delegate Conference will be held in Brighton in the summer of 2019. Conference receives a report from the EC on its activities since the last Conference, considers motions and amendments originating from Regional Committees, decides matters of policy and determines rule changes.

Any member who has been in membership for one year at the time of nomination may stand for election as a conference delegate. Arrangements and procedures for Conference are announced in The Musician, and Regional editions of The Musician Extra.