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Finance for Freelancers Workshop


Essential for every freelancer, this workshop will help you improve your financial management from how to work out your tax to cash flow forecasting.


Copyright and Intellectual Property Lecture


This highly-informative presentation will answer all of your copyright-related questions and more, with an emphasis on the importance of the understanding and protection of your intellectual property.


Performance Coaching: Elevate your Performance


This three-hour workshop offers an opportunity to focus on how you think about practice and performance, using coaching tools and techniques to help you choose how to think more helpfully in order to elevate your playing.


How to Release Your Music and Get Paid


A joint workshop by the Musicians’ Union (MU) and PRS for Music, exploring the issues that may affect artists releasing their own music.


Funding Your Project Workshop


Do you have a specific project you want to develop? Want to learn more about different funding sources? Need help on how to write proposals or funding application forms? If so this is the course for you!


Building Strong Working Relationships Webinar


Learn how to build excellent working relationships throughout your career, to create new work opportunities and ensure that your reputation helps convince new clients to commission your work.


Presentation Skills Workshop


Whether you're pitching for new work or managing client relationships, the ability to communicate clearly is essential. This workshop will help you understand and practise successfully presenting your messages with the most impact, to achieve the results that you’re aiming for.


'Maximising Your Income from Digital Music' Workshops


Chris Cooke from CMU leads an afternoon session of practical and fact-packed workshops looking at how to make money from your music, protect your music rights and get your tracks streaming.


Feldenkrais Workshop: Freeing the Jaw, its Connection to the Spine


The fifth in this six-part series of workshops will explore how your habits of movement can constrain your potential, both on and off the stage.


Risk Assessment for Creatives


This interactive session is designed for those who organise events, gigs or shoots outside of a static theatre or studio. It explains what needs to be considered when writing a risk assessment and how to adapt the assessment when circumstances change. No prior knowledge required.