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Music lifts our spirits, our communities, and the economy. If you care about the future of music, join us.

We are a community of over 1000 music fans, protecting musicians’ rights and campaigning for a fairer music industry with the Musicians’ Union.

Big issues affecting music right now include:

But that’s not all.

If you care about the future of music, join us. 

Let every child learn music

Children from low-income families are half as likely to learn an instrument. That’s despite an equal level of interest as their more well-off friends. That’s why we’re calling on Government to let every child learn music, and fix the music education system to ensure no child is left behind.



Let live music live

Live music is worth over £1 billion to the UK economy. But we’ve lost a third of our venues in the last 10 years. That’s why we’re calling on politicians and decision-makers at all levels to let live music live and protect grassroots venues.

Let touring musicians travel

Only 2% of musicians think leaving the EU will improve their chances of work. Most musicians rely on working in the EU to make a living; performing, touring, teaching. That’s why we’re calling on Government and decision-makers to let touring musicians travel.

If you care about the future of music, join us

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