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Some useful tips

On this page you will find information about:

  • What to tell clients
  • Using a contract
  • Legal relationships with colleagues/partners

The general public are consumers well protected by the law and the courts. They may have every right to claim breach of contract if they do not get what or who they were expecting. If you're not sure of your position, contact your Regional Office for advice

MU Regional Organiser

  • Make it clear to clients that the musicians who turn up for the booking might be different from the ones on your website, demo, or playing that night.
  • If you are booked as a soloist, agree what will happen if you are ill.
  • Get it in writing. Use MU contracts or have your contract checked by our Contract Advisory Service
  • Think carefully about your legal relationships with the musicians you use. Ensure that everyone understands their position.
  • Are they all your partners? If not, is it clear that you are hiring the others on a one-off basis?
  • If you are booking various line-ups from a regular pool, it is possible that all of them could be in partnership. How would you feel if the majority walked off with the group’s name?
  • Clarify everyone’s position in writing. If you are all MU members, you can get a partnership agreement drafted for free from the MU Partnership Advisory Service.