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Approved Contractors

An Approved Contractor, often called a fixer, is an individual or company that is authorised by the Musicians’ Union to engage musicians for session work.

In order for a Contractor to gain MU approval, they are required to sign an agreement stating they will undertake agreed responsibilities and uphold certain standards when engaging musicians.

For each engagement an MU Approved Contractor undertakes to:

  • Ensure the terms and conditions of all MU media agreements are adhered to
  • Ensure MU approved consent forms are provided and properly completed, and that copies are delivered to the appropriate organisations
  • Retain complete and accurate records of all engagements and associated contracts
  • Co-operate in any collection and distribution system for secondary fees established by the MU
  • Ensure musicians receive all session fees due within agreed timescales
  • Ensure timely and accurate payment of any secondary income is made to musicians, and that adequate and sufficient remittance advice information is provided
  • Treat all musicians fairly and with respect and not discriminate on grounds of age, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation

Working with an Approved Contractor

A list of Contractors currently approved by the MU (updated 06/02/19) is available for download. If, as a musician, you are offered work by a Contractor who is not on this list, you should contact the Recording and Broadcasting department before agreeing to proceed.

Also if you have any concerns or complaints about a Contractor who is currently MU Approved, please bring this to the attention of the Recording and Broadcasting department.

Becoming an Approved Contractor

A copy of the full MU Approved Contractors Agreement is also available for download. If you wish you become an MU Approved Contractor, please print, complete and sign a copy and send to:

Approved Contractors
60-62 Clapham Road
London SW9 0JJ

Or scan and email to:

If you are accepted as an MU Approved Contractor your agreement will be countersigned by a member of the Recording & Broadcasting department and a copy returned to you. Your name will then be added to the published MU Approved Contractors list.

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