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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment for Musicians

 On this page you will find information about:

  • Risk Assessment for employed musicians
  • How to do a Risk Assessment if you’re self-employed
  • Health and Safety on tour
  • Online Interactive Risk Assessment tool (OiRA)

Musicians come across Risk Assessment either as an employee, when the employer has to do a Risk Assessment, or as a freelance/self-employed player asked for a Risk Assessment (RA) by a venue or producer.

These are two different routes and have to be treated separately.

Notes on touring health and safety for employed musicians may be found here.

Risk Assessment for Employed Musicians

Where you are directly employed the main responsibility falls on the employer

The main legislation covering this is the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations but there are other regulations which have more specific provisions, such as for manual handling or noise.

Risk Assessment for Freelance or Self-Employed Members

As a freelance/self-employed musician (or part of a small group of the same) there is an increasing demand for you to provide a RA from venues or events, and this is often being added into contracts.


If you want to look at things in more detail, or get guidance on the sorts of problems that can arise, you can use the free Online Interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tool.

What to provide to those booking / contracting you

It is okay for you to be asked to provide a RA by those booking you, but the information to be provided only needs to relate to how you are going to work for that contract.

Organising your own event

If you are organising an event or production, or are involved in any way, then the OIRA tool is an excellent introduction and guide for what you need to do.

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