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Postponed and Rescheduled Live Performances

Checking contracts for re scheduled gigs

Some venues are beginning to look to later in 2020 to host gigs that have been cancelled, and are beginning to schedule accordingly.

It’s vital that the industry gets back on its feet and musicians, venues, agents, promoters and managers, technicians etc all need to be able to start to regenerate their income.

Checking your contract

Here are some points it’s important to consider when being offered contracts for new work:  

1. If the date of your original contract has been postponed by agreement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but the other terms of the contract remain the same, be sure to change the date of the performance on your contract, then re-sign and date it.

2. If you had a contract cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the other party wishes to re-engage you, then it’s worth checking again to see whether there are any cancellation clauses within that were not there previously. If you are unsure then check with your Regional Office.

3. If you are being offered a new contract then again check the cancellation clauses.

Given the current uncertainty about whether we will again be faced with a further spread of Covid-19, it’s likely that bookers may exercise greater diligence in offering contracts with more detailed cancellation clauses.

Use an MU contract

Don’t forget our L1 contract and L2 contract are there for MU members to use and state the following: “This Agreement may not be modified or cancelled except by mutual consent, in writing signed by both parties.”

Teachers' Toolkit

L1 E-Contract - Hiring a Band/Group (PDF 90.78 bytes file opens in new window)

L2 E-Contract - Hiring a Solo musician (PDF 135.52 bytes file opens in new window)