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Musicians’ Union Research into the State of Music Education in the UK

The Musicians’ Union (MU) has commissioned an extensive piece of research into the state of music education in the United Kingdom today. Please help but completing the survey most relevant to yourself.

The Musicians’ Union (MU) has commissioned an extensive piece of research into the current state of music education.

The MU is seeking to obtain the views of teachers, head-teachers and others through a range of surveys. Through these, it will diagnose and explore any issues challenging music education.

Four surveys have been compiled to help collect the information needed. Please find time to complete whichever survey is most relevant to yourself.

Classroom teachers

Instrumental teachers


Music managers

Please also spread the word about this research through your networks.

The information collected within these surveys will form the basis of a report to the MU.

It will also be discussed at various national events, but the details of all individuals or organisations that complete the surveys will be kept private at all times.

Please feel free to contact Dr Jonathan Savage, Managing Director of UCan Play and a Reader in Education at Manchester Metropolitan University, who is leading this research on behalf of the Musicians’ Union. He is being supported by Mr David Barnard, an Education Official at the Musicians’ Union.

Dr Jonathan Savage: jonathan@ucanplay.org.uk

Published: 20/06/2018

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