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Back to School: Five Resources for Teachers to Keep You at the Top of the Class

It’s the beginning of the academic new year, and a good time to run through a few of the resources for teachers that the MU offers. Use this handy checklist to make sure you’re getting the most out of your membership.

Photo of young girl writing music notes on a chalk board
September means the start of the new school year for many. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Here are five quick things the MU Education Department may be able to help you with:

1) Get your DBS Check

Is your DBS check up to date? If not, please email teachers@theMU.org to arrange a new check.

2) Order new Practice Diaries, Workbooks and Starter Practice Cards all for £1!

If you would like to order any for the new term please email teachers@theMU.org. These are fantastic for your students to track their lessons, and for you to give feedback and homework notes.

3) Sort out your teaching contracts

If you want to have MU approved contracts for your students, visit the MU website for more information and to decide which contract suits you. You can download the contracts, or you can contact teachers@theMU.org for carbon copies.

4) Claim your exclusive members’ discount code on Music Room

Music Room have a new offer of 20% off for spends over £100, which is specifically aimed at teachers at this busy time of year. This offer is live until 25 October. You can find your exclusive discount on the members’ discount page.

Music Room also offer a 10% educator discount and up to 15% off bulk purchases on vocal scores, although these can't be used in conjunction with the discount code above.

5) Represent your local area as an MU Hub Rep

Are you involved in a Music Education Hub or work for a Music Service in England? The MU has over 40 Hub Reps who represent the workforce in their local areas.

Hub Reps primarily provide the MU with valuable information about local changes and developments, as well as being a local point of reference for other instrumental teachers. They assist both in helping the MU find how they can best support and represent educators in their local workplace, and in helping others find out about the work of the MU.

There is one meeting a year, expenses covered and a £100 reimbursement of your membership for each year you are a Rep (although the reimbursement is not available to those who have joined for a £1 during their first six months of membership). Please contact teachers@theMU.org if you want to know if there is a Rep vacancy in your area.

Find out more about the MU’s Music Education department, other ways they can support you, further resources and education related training events.

Published: 10/09/2019

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