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Blog Posts

17 Oct 2017

Black History Month #BHM2017

Nadine Wild-Palmer shares her thoughts on Black History Month (#BHM2017) and celebrating the richly diverse culture we live in.

12 Oct 2017

Representing Women in Festival Line-Ups

Festival line-ups are often criticised for neglecting to represent female artists. Join the discussion - send us your thoughts and experiences in advance of our AIF panel event.

11 Oct 2017

Another Orchestra is Leaving the UK because of Brexit

The European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO) is leaving London because of Brexit, in part of because of the lack of clarity on freedom of movement for musicians post-Brexit.

24 Jul 2017

The Quick Guide to MU Conference

If you’re new to the Musicians’ Union (MU), Conference can seem confusing. But it’s not as complex as it might seem. Here’s our quick guide to the 37th Biennial MU Delegate Conference…

20 Jul 2017

Highlights from the TUC LGBT+ Conference

The Musicians’ Union (MU) once again took part in the Trades Union Congress (TUC) annual LGBT+ Conference at Congress House in London. Here are some of the highlights…

20 Jul 2017

The Basics: Writing a Biog for Your Band with The Unsigned Guide

The Unsigned Guide new series The Basics helps you tackle the fundamentals of promoting your music and communicating with the music industry.

06 Jul 2017

Ask Your MP to Support Free Movement for Musicians Post Brexit #WorkingInTheEU

Over 100 MPs and Peers have signed the Musicicians’ Union (MU) pledge to protect musicians’ right to travel freely and easily in the EU. That’s great – but there’s still work to do. Take action now! #WorkingInTheEU

06 Jul 2017

The MU at the Women Chainmakers’ Festival

Musicians’ Union (MU) highlights from the Women Chainmakers’ Festival, supported by the MU Midlands Region.

12 Jun 2017

Take Action for Free Movement in the EU post-Brexit #WorkingInTheEU

The Musicians’ Union (MU) is campaigning for musicians’ right to travel freely and easily in the European Union (EU). We know it is an issue virtually all members care about – touring in Europe is an important source of income. To make the case for it, we need your help. Take action! #WorkingInTheEU

06 Jun 2017

Fair Remuneration from Streaming

The Musicians’ Union (MU) continues to lobby at the European Union (EU) and UK levels for fair remuneration for performers and songwriters from streaming. Here’s why, and how it affects you.