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Blog Posts

20 Dec 2017

Are You Going to a Pantomime or Musical this Christmas Season?

Give live music a shout-out! Let us know if you enjoyed a pantomime or musical featuring live music this Christmas season. Share your appreciation using the hashtag #KeepMusicLive.

08 Dec 2017

Effective Negotiation Webinar Highlights

Highlights from the Musicians’ Union (MU) webinar on Effective Negotiation. Find out how to negotiate effectively and creatively so you get the recognition you deserve.

01 Dec 2017

Is Brexit Affecting Your Work Already? We Want to Hear From You #WorkingInTheEU

The Musicians’ Union (MU) is fighting to protect free movement for musicians working in the European Union (EU) post-Brexit. We want to hear from you about how Brexit has affected your work plans for 2019 – touring, performing, teaching or studying in the European Union. #WorkingInTheEU

23 Nov 2017

What To Do When Asked to Work For Free

Surprise, surprise – a trade union talking about fair pay for Young Workers’ Month. But it is a truth (probably) universally acknowledged that musicians will be asked to work for nothing. So what should you do when asked to work for free? #YWM17

22 Nov 2017

Conductor James Rose On His Musical Journey

Conductor James Rose looks back on his musical journey so far, what next, and the cultural and logistical challenges to overcome this UK Disability History Month #UKDHM

16 Nov 2017

MU Assistant General Secretary on Sexism & Sexual Harassment in the Music Industry

Musicians' Union (MU) Assistant General Secretary Naomi Pohl reports from a meeting with the Nordic Musicians’ Unions, discussing sexism, sexual harassment, abuse and exploitation in the music industry.

02 Nov 2017

Young Workers' Month 2017 #YWM17

It’s a fact of being a musician that people will ask you to work for free all the time. This Young Workers’ Month, we’re talking about being asked to work for free and how the Musicians’ Union can support you in getting a fairer deal. #YWM17

02 Nov 2017

The Value of PR

Vicky Pitchers of VJP Media blogs for the Musicians’ Union (MU) on the value of PR, and how doing PR well can help end the cycle of being asked to work for free this Young Workers’ Month #YWM17

17 Oct 2017

Black History Month #BHM2017

Nadine Wild-Palmer shares her thoughts on Black History Month (#BHM2017) and celebrating the richly diverse culture we live in.

12 Oct 2017

Representing Women in Festival Line-Ups

Festival line-ups are often criticised for neglecting to represent female artists. Join the discussion - send us your thoughts and experiences in advance of our AIF panel event.