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Blog Posts

14 Dec 2018

A Christmas Round-Up From Musicians’ Union General Secretary Horace Trubridge

A blog from the Musicians’ Union (MU) General Secretary Horace Trubridge, reflecting on the past year’s events and looking forwards to the next one.

13 Dec 2018

How Does the European Copyright Directive Affect You?

The European Copyright Directive is facing strong opposition from YouTube. But it is the best way of making sure musicians and creators are paid for the work they do.

21 Nov 2018

MPs Back Musicians’ Union Call for Access to Free Music Lessons in Schools

Children from low-income families are half as likely to learn an instrument, according recent research by the Musicians’ Union (MU).

19 Nov 2018

Disability History Month: Five Tips for Booking Disabled Artists

Attitude Is Everything, the disability-led charity improving deaf and disabled people’s access to live music, shares its five tips for booking disabled artists with the Musicians’ Union.

15 Nov 2018

Young Guns Network’s First Workshop of The Year

The Musicians’ Union (MU) was delighted to attend the Young Guns Network’s first workshop of the year, ‘Networking Smarter: How to Grow Your Career in the Music Industry’, in partnership with BIMM.

12 Nov 2018

Anti Bullying Week and Combatting Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Anti Bullying week runs from 12-16 November every year. This year’s theme is “choose respect”.

06 Nov 2018

Risk of Under-Representation in the Music Industry

New Musicians’ Union research shows many parts of the UK are at risk of under-representation in the music industry, as lower income families are priced out of music lessons.

05 Nov 2018

Brexit and the Future of Copyright Protection

If you work in the music industry, you need to understand copyright. Put simply, copyright enables musicians and creators to protect and make money from their work. Without it, musicians would not be able to get their music out there and make a living.

31 Oct 2018

Gigging and Touring Before the EU

Over 15,000 people have signed the Musicians’ Union (MU) petition for a touring visa for musicians working in the European Union post-Brexit.

19 Oct 2018

Reporting Back From the Labour and Conservative Party Conferences

Music lifts spirits, communities and the UK’s economy. That’s why this year, the Musicians’ Union (MU) went to both the Labour and Conservative Party Conferences to talk about a touring visa for musicians post-Brexit, music education and the other big issues affecting the MU’s 30,000 members.